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What is Deliberr?

Deliberr is a food delivery service offering the best and fastest delivery dispatch to business owners with years of experience in restaurant and delivery business.

How does Deliberr work?

We set up a Deliberr account for you, and you can access this account via your mobile phone, personal computer, or a tablet. Simply, login and request as many couriers as you like!

How can I create the orders?

You can schedule your orders manually by entering the necessary information about the orders such as:

1: Customer's phone number
2: Customer's address
3: Order's payment type
4: Order's pick-up time

Or you can simply integrate all the companies in Deliberr, and every order will automatically pop up on your device.

Is there any agreement?

There is an agreement that needs to be signed between the restaurant partner and Deliberr. However, there is no terms or cancellation fee attached to this agreement. It means you can cancel the service anytime you want.

How much does it cost?

We offer flat-fee pricing for all of our restaurant partners, and there is no percentage per order at all. Please contact us for more information about the pricing.

Is there a minimum size of the order?

No. Restaurants are free to establish their minimum order size.

Does Deliberr provide a device?

Tablets are optional if you need a tablet, Deliberr can provide one for a $100 fee.

Does Deliberr bring me new customers or promote my brand?

No. We do not have a marketplace. Deliberr's primary focus is to help our restaurant partners to deliver their online catering orders to their customers, just in time.

How can I download the app?

You can access our apps in PLAY STORE (Android Devices) or APP STORE (Apple devices). Or you can use your browser my.deliberr.com to access your account.

Can I integrate with other apps?

Yes. Upon your request, Deliberr can integrate all of your restaurant's online orders from Third-party companies. It means you don't have to request drivers manually.

How can I reach the call center?

After signup, we will provide you our call center number. It's an exclusive line only between Deliberr and Restaurants. There is also a chat option inside the orders, which means you can start a chat with one click.