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You are only responsible for preparing the order and passing it on to the Deliberr's driver, and we handle the rest. On average, it takes only 18 mins for us to deliver the food from restaurants to the customer.

Pay per Request

Don't pay your driver per hour when there is no order, we provide you couriers, so you only pay per request.

Dedicated Support

Our fully equipped support team is always available to help with any order issue.

Speed Delivery

With the largest network of couriers, we promise to deliver your order to customer just on time.

Save Time

We provide you well trained drivers as many as you need, and result? No more headache!

Flat Fee

We provide the best delivery service at most affordable price. Only Flat fee, No percentage.

Cancel Anytime

There is no commitment.  If you didn’t like the service, you can cancel it any time you want. No fees!

Easy integration

We integrate your third party online ordering companies  with Deliberr in seconds.

Integrated system will allow your restaurant to receive drivers automatically for delivery orders that are coming from your third party online ordering companies.

Real dispatchers

Our delivery team comprises of real dispatchers who know the city, its quickest route, and who have a solid understanding of customer satisfaction.

With Deliberr you don't have to dispatch your orders or manage their directions.

Electronic signature

There is no more old school style pen and paper that impacts on your customers. Our latest technology allows you to keep your Customer's Signature in Our Secure Servers. Boost efficiency with Electronic Proof of Delivery.

We improve your customer experience, while providing you more secure and convenient way to exchange the receipts.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking service is one of the best ways to get your customer satisfaction. We made it easy..

Your customers receive notifications as soon as our drivers start delivering the customers' foods. The customers can easily track the drivers and see the estimated arrival time.

Awesome service makes the difference

Grow customer loyalty with awesome delivery! By partnerning with Deliberr you will offer the best delivery experience in the market to all your clients.









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